ITINERARY (The following schedule is subject to change) 


February, Friday 12, 2016:

5:00pm: Registration & Group formation

5:30pm: Setting up

6:00pm: Food & Guest speaker (TBA)

7:00pm: Theme reveal. Let the Ham Jam begin!

February, Saturday 13, 2016:

All day:  JAM-ON!

5pm - 7pm: Dinner

February, Sunday 14, 2016:

Morning: JAM-ON!  

3:00pm: The deadline for game submissions  

3:30pm: Play all the games. Celebrations   

5:00pm: Pack it up and Roll out.



What experience do I need to participate?

The event is open to all skill levels, from novice to advanced. We do recommend that you know some basics about making games, because we cannot guarantee that anyone will be there to teach you the fundamentals of making games.

What happens if I run into a problem?

Everyone there is ready and able to help if a problem does come up. Feel free to ask the organizer or volunteers if you run into a problem, and they can direct you to the right people to help you out.

Do I have to make a video game?

Nope. Make any type of game you want to make. Got a new idea for a card game? make it. Or a new board game... go ahead and make it. Make whatever your heart desires.

Can I make any game I want?

Yup! We only have 2 rules:

  1. The game has to utilize the theme somehow (Be creative as you want here.)
  2. Try to be tasteful. These games will be shown to the public with your name attached to them.
  3. Would you want this game on your portfolio?

Can I bring a team?

Yup! and if you want to be apart of a team we will be putting teams together based on skill-sets brought to the table. Maximum of four per team

Can I be solo?

Yup! If you want to rock the jam solo go ahead. Just tell the organizer when the teams are being put together so your name is not added to the list.

Is the Great Ham Jam a competition?

Yes and No. The games will be judge by our judges and your peers and two awards will be given out. We want you to use this event on your resume, and having a nice reward to talk about is always a good ice breaker at an interview.

Will there be Prizes?

We are working on somethings. You will see what we have at the time of the event. Wha ha ha ha!

What does the Game Jam provide?

We have the venue space, tables, chairs, wifi access, power, washrooms, security, probably some food, and a place to chill out and maybe sleep. But who sleeps at a game jam?

What do I need to bring to the event?

You need to bring everything that it takes you to build a game.

  1. Your own rig/laptop
  2. Your favourite software
  3. Goodies to nibble on

What can’t I bring?

Really a negative attitude... and try not to bring any liquids that don’t have screw tight lids on them. We don’t want you to break anyones stuff.

Can I leave my stuff overnight?

Yes. The building has security and the Jammers have eyes.

How do I get to the event?

The HSR 6 Aberdeen stops outside the McMaster Innovation Park

More detailed directions will be posted on the website.

Is there parking?

Yes, the MIP building has giant parking lot and it is free during the weekend.

What's the hashtag for the event?


Have questions about The Great Ham Jam? Contact Bret Measor

Thanks for registering.

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McMaster Innovation Park
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Suite 105
Hamilton, ON, L8P 0A1

Dagg Work

Special thanks to Dagg for putting together the website all additional art work and creating the awesome logo for "The Great Ham Jam".




Special thanks to Bret for organizing the event so gamers like you can jam! 

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