Ericka Evans

Ericka is a Gemini Award Winning Writer/Producer with 15 years experience working in Television, Web and Game Development. She works for Phantom Compass and is overjoyed to be working with such a smart, fun, agile team.

Chair of PAC, Niagara College- Game Development (2014-Present)

Specialties: Game Production, Television Production, Children's Media Writer

Studio: Phantom Compass


Alex Golebiowski

Alex has over six years of multimedia experience. He graduated with honors from Seneca College's Digital Media Arts program and began working as a Background Artist. He completed a wide range of video games; two of the most prominent being 'Too Human', a major Microsoft release by Silicon Knights, and THQ's 'Darksiders', developed by Vigil Games. Alex then worked on other AAA productions as a Lead Environment Artist, managing a team, schedules and production pipelines.

At PixelNAUTS Alex handles a wide array of jobs from art, scripting and growing beards with most of his focus going to Design. He's a huge Zelda fan and general Nintendo fan boy. He has a passion for the cosmos and hopes to one day die in space.

Studio: PixelNAUTS


Eric McQuiggan

Game Designer and Developer.
Strong interest in community building and independent game development.


Proficient in C# (Unity / XNA), HTML5(phaser), Actionscript 3
Experience with C++, Java, 3D modelling, Web development, Vector graphics


Current: Niagara College Canada, TeamQuiggan

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